Monday, May 13, 2013

A stroll down memory lane

On May 17th,  2012 I first published here on Life less hurried. It has been a fun year. Who knew that within a year I would have such success. I first began writing in the blogesphere not knowing if anyone (besides a few good friends) were reading my writing. The occasional comment would come along making me very glad for kind words. There are days when I ask myself "Am I doing any good?" Then the answer comes.  If it only inspire one person to live a better life. It is worth it.

Now let's take a look back at the path we have walked this last year, and the fun we  have had doing it.

One of the first big hits was the pizza dough,  Then came our enchilada recipe
In the summer I wrote a post encouraging families to unplug, It is advice that I have taken seriously lately.
I also wrote  about making yogurt,  and dehydrating cantaloupe (which was not really all that good). The post that took off and was the first one pinned was the easy cinnamon roll recipe.

In Late July I got a start for a natural sweet yeast. I developed a recipe for waffles which are truly great.
In the fall I wrote two posts about being yourself and not letting the stress of measuring up to others get the best of you. Be your own kind of Supermom and Dandelions.  In October and November I wrote a three part series on Taming the sugar beast  I also began writing about the great grains

 I wrote about the Christmas gifts I made for the family. Little did I know that the recipes for  handmade salami and homemade mustard would be so well received It still amazes me now. These are my most popular posts.

This spring I wrote a  wonderful post about living well by serving others. I also I wrote a post about getting stronger in mind, body, and spirit. One of my most recent posts is about my favorite Christian workout songs

It has been an amazing year. I love having and online journal of some of the great and fun things we have done. Looking back has been a real joy. I am looking forward to another great year here at life less hurried. 

If you are a fairly new reader, I hope that you will sit back, relax and enjoy your time here. I hope you will read some of the older posts and get inspired to live the "good life"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! A year of posting and success as well. What a joy and a great accomplishment! Coming over from Sharing His Beauty link-up.