Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Are you trying to keep up with that  "SUPERMOM"?  You know the one I am talking about. The woman who seems to have it all together.

At the start of the new school year, I see all the parents and kids off to school. I see the mother's on the PTA. Little girls in perfect dress. All over the internet I see the cute ideas for making the first day of school perfect. Parents going to extra lengths to make the day so special. We got up and had a regular breakfast. We got dressed and walked to school. It was mostly an ordinary day. Am I a bad parent because I do not do all these extra things?

Maybe I should have made a special breakfast? Maybe he needed a new backpack? Is he wearing the right clothes? Does he fit in with all the other children? I was taken away in thought, back to a time when I was working as a young adult. One of my coworkers was so disguisted with her son. She had been working many overtime hours to buy him the Jeans that were "the in thing".  She bought them for him, and of course he would not wear them. He did not care about it, but she did. All these things go through my mind and then... I am reminded of a talk by Dieter F Uchdorf about the forget me nots,expecially the part about wise sacrifices vs foolish sacrifices.  "Am I commiting my time and energies to the things that matter most?" 

Here is a link to that talk.

Dieter F Uchtdorf forget me not talk

As a society we put such demands on ourselves to keep up with others. I was reminded of a time just after my youngest was born. She was born early Sunday morning. By friday; I was ready to be out of the house just for a while. It was the neighborhood Halloween party that evening. They were having a chili cook-off dinner, and a carnival for the kids. It seemed like just the thing. My Husband and I  managed to pull together a pot of chili. We happened to win 2nd place. One of the ladies said "Oh now you have done it, you have really raised the bar for all the mothers in this neighborhood!" "what do you mean?", I asked. "Now everyone will think that they have to win a cookoff just after they have a new baby!"  I did not feel like a "supermom" at that time. I was just doing what I needed to survive, yet everyone was looking at me like I was superwoman.

We find this with bloggers. We see all the great things bloggers are doing. We revere some ot them as superwomen. We think that we have to be the same as them. We over run ourselves with all those things we could be doing, and we forget the little things. Tara at simply made home wrote a great post this week about when the realities of life and the blogging world collide. link to simply made home blog.  In this post she paints a real picture of her real weekend. I am grateful for bloggers who get real about life. I can laugh and cry with them also.

I am finding that in writing this blog, sometimes I forget the purpose of it which is; to help others slow down and live life. TO LOVE MY FAMILY WELL IS THE HEART OF WHO I AM!  It is the purpose of this blog to help others to love their families. WHEN YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY WELL, YOU WILL BE YOUR OWN SUPERMOM. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT LIKE ANYONE ELSE DOES.

so now...... Go and create your own kind of wonderful life.


  1. Great post! We can't worry about "keeping up with the Joneses." We just have to worry about doing our best and what is best for our family!

  2. Very true - Focus on God's will for us, not other's! Thanks for a great reminder for us and our kids and grandkids!

  3. I agree. I find myself doing the same thing, NOT buying cool jeans my kids won't wear, but other things just as trivial. I also fret about staying on schedule when I need to loosen up a bit and enjoy the happy moments. A great post, very encouraging. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!