Thursday, November 13, 2014

Give a little lunchbox love

This year as we began packing lunches for school we started a little something we call "lunchbox love".  As the lunch packer I hide a heart somewhere in the kids/ husbands lunch box and they find it.  It is a reminder for them of how much I love them and that I care for them even when I am not there. For our family it also represents the love of Christ.  It helps the family to remember to share God's love with others around them. 

The rules are simple.

1. The lunch packer hides a heart some where in or on the lunchbox

2. As lunch is eaten, be on the lookout for hidden hearts.

It is easy to do.  For us we keep it simple. Most of the time it is  a heart drawn with a marker on something in the lunchbox.  Sometimes it is a paper heart slipped into the lunch, or a heart-shaped sticker stuck to the lunchbox itself.  Treats have been sent in a heart-shaped box left from valentines.  Most often it is super easy to spot (it will reach out and grab you) but, sometimes the lunch packer can be sneaky and hide it well.  It is all part of the surprise and the love. You never know where hearts will show up.

Below I have included links to Amazon where you can buy stickers, a heart shaped paper punch, heart shaped molds and other items that may assist you in sending out lunchbox love.

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