Monday, April 29, 2013

Working my spirit while working my body

I have recently taken up step aerobics as part of my New years resolutions. You can read about this at the links below
new years resolutions part 1
new years resolutions part 2

During the process, I got tired of the same workouts. Once I knew the steps, I decided that I could write my own routines and do my own thing. I began to search out songs that would motivate me. I was finding songs with lyrics that I was embarrassed to have my children listening to, but there were others that were seemingly alright.  It was later on when I found myself busily humming and singing  some of these songs  and realized the lyrics (although not bad) were not encouraging or uplifting to me. I made a choice to search out some better music. I decided to find myself some good Christian songs that I could feel great about working out to.

I started with some of the songs I already knew from listening to K-love radio. I expanded and found more artists and songs. The songs I have chosen for my workout list are happy and upbeat with a good message. I picked the ones with a strong eight beat pattern which works well for the step aerobics. I also picked songs that have verses and then a chorus that I can sing to. Many have lyrics that stick in your head. I love that I have good lyrics running about my head.  Here is a list of songs that I use when I am working out.

Christian good moving music That I use for  my step aerobics

Good to be alive Jason Gray
Move Mercy me
This life Mercy me
In the blink of an eye Mercy me
Jesus culture Chris Quilala
Give you glory Jeremy Kemp
What if his people prayed Casting crowns
Father spirit Jesus Casting crowns
Shine Newsboys
I am free Newsboys
Your love never fails Newsboys
Not ashamed Newsboys
Busted heart king (shine on again) King and country
Life song Casting crowns
Father spirit Jesus Casting crowns
The alter and the door Casting crowns
   Promises Sanctus real
Me without you Toby mac
Get back up Toby mac
Open the eyes of my heart Sonic flood
   Write your name upon my heart Sonic flood
No chains on me Chris Tomlin
Your grace is enough Chris Tomlin
Forever radio remix  Chris Tomlin
Survivor Mathew West
Next thing you know Matthew West
Good morning Mandisa
Live like that Sidewalk prophets
Today is the day Lincoln Brewster
Love the lord Lincoln Brewster
   Beautiful one By the tree
Amazing life  Britt Nicole
Hang on  Brit Nicole
Our love is loud David Crowder band
Red letter day  Newsong
Finding who we are  Kutless
Trading my sorrows  Derrell Evans
Reach  Peter Furhler
Happy day Fee
If we are the body Casting crowns

Update:  as I am getting stronger  and can move better, I am needing quicker moving music.  This makes me very happy. I will have to update later on as I find some quicker moving music to keep up with my fitness training.

Slower cool down songs / Plus some of the songs I just love the lyrics and message that it leaves with me.
Remind me who I am Jason Gray
Strong enough Matthew West
Stronger Mandissa
Already there Casting crowns
Blessed be your name Tree 63
Who am I  Casting crowns
Holy one Casting crowns
Voice of truth Casting crowns
Untitled hymn  Chris rice
Come as you are Pocket full of rocks
My Savoir my God Aaron Shust

If these songs are not your style you can check out some other artists
Bethany B at life unexpected had some ideas

Some artists she has picked  for her workouts are....
Trip Lee
Jimmy Needham
Kerri Roberts
Becka Shae
Group 1 crew

Some other Christian artists that you may try are.....
Zoe Girl
Jaci Velasquez
Point of Grace
Audio Adrenaline
DC talk
Matt Kerney
Jamie Grace
Stacie Orrico

Now that I have good music, working out can be good for my body, brain, and my spirit.

I hope this helps some of you who also  may be struggling with the same things.

Leave a comment below letting others know who you are listening to.