Monday, April 29, 2013

Working my spirit while working my body

I have recently taken up step aerobics as part of my New years resolutions. You can read about this at the links below
new years resolutions part 1
new years resolutions part 2

During the process, I got tired of the same workouts. Once I knew the steps, I decided that I could write my own routines and do my own thing. I began to search out songs that would motivate me. I was finding songs with lyrics that I was embarrassed to have my children listening to, but there were others that were seemingly alright.  It was later on when I found myself busily humming and singing  some of these songs  and realized the lyrics (although not bad) were not encouraging or uplifting to me. I made a choice to search out some better music. I decided to find myself some good Christian songs that I could feel great about working out to.

I started with some of the songs I already knew from listening to K-love radio. I expanded and found more artists and songs. The songs I have chosen for my workout list are happy and upbeat with a good message. I picked the ones with a strong eight beat pattern which works well for the step aerobics. I also picked songs that have verses and then a chorus that I can sing to. Many have lyrics that stick in your head. I love that I have good lyrics running about my head.  Here is a list of songs that I use when I am working out.

Christian good moving music That I use for  my step aerobics

Good to be alive Jason Gray
Move Mercy me
This life Mercy me
In the blink of an eye Mercy me
Jesus culture Chris Quilala
Give you glory Jeremy Kemp
What if his people prayed Casting crowns
Father spirit Jesus Casting crowns
Shine Newsboys
I am free Newsboys
Your love never fails Newsboys
Not ashamed Newsboys
Busted heart king (shine on again) King and country
Life song Casting crowns
Father spirit Jesus Casting crowns
The alter and the door Casting crowns
   Promises Sanctus real
Me without you Toby mac
Get back up Toby mac
Open the eyes of my heart Sonic flood
   Write your name upon my heart Sonic flood
No chains on me Chris Tomlin
Your grace is enough Chris Tomlin
Forever radio remix  Chris Tomlin
Survivor Mathew West
Next thing you know Matthew West
Good morning Mandisa
Live like that Sidewalk prophets
Today is the day Lincoln Brewster
Love the lord Lincoln Brewster
   Beautiful one By the tree
Amazing life  Britt Nicole
Hang on  Brit Nicole
Our love is loud David Crowder band
Red letter day  Newsong
Finding who we are  Kutless
Trading my sorrows  Derrell Evans
Reach  Peter Furhler
Happy day Fee
If we are the body Casting crowns

Update:  as I am getting stronger  and can move better, I am needing quicker moving music.  This makes me very happy. I will have to update later on as I find some quicker moving music to keep up with my fitness training.

Slower cool down songs / Plus some of the songs I just love the lyrics and message that it leaves with me.
Remind me who I am Jason Gray
Strong enough Matthew West
Stronger Mandissa
Already there Casting crowns
Blessed be your name Tree 63
Who am I  Casting crowns
Holy one Casting crowns
Voice of truth Casting crowns
Untitled hymn  Chris rice
Come as you are Pocket full of rocks
My Savoir my God Aaron Shust

If these songs are not your style you can check out some other artists
Bethany B at life unexpected had some ideas

Some artists she has picked  for her workouts are....
Trip Lee
Jimmy Needham
Kerri Roberts
Becka Shae
Group 1 crew

Some other Christian artists that you may try are.....
Zoe Girl
Jaci Velasquez
Point of Grace
Audio Adrenaline
DC talk
Matt Kerney
Jamie Grace
Stacie Orrico

Now that I have good music, working out can be good for my body, brain, and my spirit.

I hope this helps some of you who also  may be struggling with the same things.

Leave a comment below letting others know who you are listening to.

Friday, April 26, 2013

avocado more than guacamole

In the center of the greenish -gold oval is a seed resembling a peeled chestnut that must be removed and thrown away because it is both bitter and exceedingly hard to chew. Between this and the tough rind of the skin however is a paste that the Indians consume with great relish. Soft as butter in texture, it is of a very good taste.  Gonzalo Fernandez Oviedo y Valdes;  Spanish historian.   

                                                                                                                                               Photo from microsoft images

Avocado, what a wonderful fruit. They are rich and buttery in the mouth, wonderful for the body inside and out. So many love them, yet so many have not tried them except as guacamole. I do not know if it is the color, the texture, or the look of the outer skin, that causes people to be intimidated by this food. There are those who have not ventured to try them, but they wish they had when it becomes "love at first bite".

One of the most common ways to eat avocado (besides as guacamole) is straight up out of the skin, often with a squeeze of lime and a bit of salt and pepper.  There are so many ways to eat this wonderful fruit. It can be made into a soup, salad, or on sandwiches. It is made into dips, spreads, and even into baked goods.  

Avocados should be eaten fresh. There are some who say they can be frozen and made into guacamole later. We tried it; and now we know that they are much better fresh. If it came down to freeze them or lose them, it may be alright, but the texture and color is much better fresh. 

How to pick a ripe avocado.

1. Hold the fruit in the palm of your hand
2. Give a gentle squeeze
3. If it yields to gentle pressure it is ready
4. If it feels like a rock, it needs more time to ripen
5. If it feels overly soft and squishy, or you can tell that the rind is separated from the fruit, it is overripe.

Avocado gazpacho what a wonderful treat on a hot summer day

Avocado gazpacho
serves four

1 cucumber peeled and chopped
2 cloves garlic
2 shallots quartered
1 green bell pepper seeded and rough chopped
1 cup lettuce
1 tablespoon fresh dill
1 cup chicken stock
1 avocado
juice of 1/2 lemon
salt and pepper
sour cream and dill for garnish (optional)

Puree the cucumber, garlic, shallots, pepper, lettuce, dill, and chicken stock, and 1/2 the avocado in the blender or food processor until smooth. taste for salt and pepper adding as necessary (it all depends on the salt in your stock). Dice the other half of the avocado and sprinkle with lemon juice stir into the gazpacho and then garnish with a touch of sour cream and dill if desired.

Avocado is readily available in most grocery stores across the country. They usually are reasonably priced. We get alot of them this time of year with Cinco de Mayo coming up about a week from now. Buy some and see what happens. You may be surprised; you may be like so many others, it may be love at first bite.

Monday, April 22, 2013

navigating a world of "eat this, not that"

How does one begin to navigate the world of nutrition and health?

I have been blogging for about a year now.  I write about living a good life. For me, a large portion of it is whole foods. I am in awe at the amount of information that is out there. Someone looking to "eat better" can get overwhelmed in a real hurry.  If you look up real food or healthy eating on the Internet you get so many different opinions and differing strategies. everyone is yelling "EAT THIS, NOT THAT!". It seems that there are so many rules, regulations, must haves, and can't haves. It makes you just want to give up and go back to what you were doing; even if it is not working.  It is all overwhelming and many give up before they even begin. 

I have found some things that have really helped in the beginning stages of trying to break free from the cycle of processed foods. 

1. First and farmost, turn off all the voices. You hear so many things out there, and it gets so confusing. There are many people out there promoting their products, book or program. Turn it all off for a while. Listen to your inside voice. Once everything esle is quieted down you can hear that innervoice that will guide you. Until then......

2. Start by increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. A fruit or vegetable at every meal or snack. Reach for a fruit instead of candy. You can train yourself and kids to do this. I wrote a three part series on taming the sugar beast. The first key was to increase your  fruit consumption. Buy a heap of produce and keep it in sight. Spend a little time cutting up the fruits and vegetables, put them in containers ready to go. This really helps in getting a real food dinner on the table in a hurry.

 I always start in the produce section of my grocery store. I fill up half my cart with produce. I end up in the frozen food section and find some more frozen fruits and veg. When I am done 3/4 of my grocery cart is fruits and veg. You may look into a produce share, a CSA group, or a co-op. This way you can get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. I will include some links below for help in this area

3. Do not worry just yet if your choices are not perfect. By choosing fruits and veg you are making a better choice. Later on, you can worry about if you are making the best choices as you search out info on locally grown and organic produce. We are just now starting to worry about where our produce is coming from. We had to start by getting whole foods on the radar, We are just now getting to a point where we can worry about all the details to make it better.  

4. Stick to the simple foods. Some of my best recipes are very simple and simply prepared. There are times I go to great lengths to prepare a fancy feast, but most often my meals are simple and tasty. I consider myself a peasant type of cook. I cook with what I have on hand and available to me. Sometimes the simple things are the most pleasant.

5. Begin to overhaul your family favorite recipes. One example could be taco night. It is easy enough to replace a portion of the taco meat with lentils. Spice it up, and it is hard to tell they are there. We make alot of casseroles and stir frys adding a ton of vegetables instead of so much rice, potatoes, or pasta. A vegetable lasagna instead of  meat and cheese. We have added whole grain flours to our baked items. You get the idea.

We have cut down the amount of starchy side dishes. Instead of an extra large portion, we have cut it back to maybe half a portion and serve a salad with it. Salads can be made of just about anything. We have been learning to make salads with whatever fruits, veg and whole grains are cooked and ready in the fridge.  Sometimes the meal consists of a lean meat, and two types of salad. No starchy side dish. I still struggle with the thought that I need a starchy side dish, but I am getting the hang of it. We did not get there all at once, which brings me to the next point.

5.  Start small  You do not have to do it all at once.  If you overhaul  the kitchen and start on a totally brand new way of eating all gung ho; it usually ends up going the way of  the New years resolution. It lasts a few days or weeks, but then fades quickly. The trick is to find a way of eating that will sustain and nourish you for the long haul.  Keep alot of the old stuff you love, but make it better. You do not have to make it so healthy that people will not eat it.  Up the nutrition where you can. Sneak nutrition in. Smoothies are a great way to sneak in fruits and vegetables. Pasta sauce can disguise alot of vegetables if you puree them in the food processor.
Eat smaller portions of those things your body craves, and more of the things that your body needs. We have found that we are craving less and less of the processed foods, even finding some of our old favorites disgusting.

6. Once you start eating fruits and vegetables your brain will start thinking clearly. With a clearer brain, you will be able to navigate the information better. Your cravings will be less of a controlling issue, and you will be able to make better choices. I no longer feel like a rat in a maze. I am no longer subject to candy and sweets. As a family, we are getting clearer in out food choices. We are finding things that help us to feel better in body, mind and spirit. You will find a way of eating and living that works for you and your family too. Start with some real food, then you can find the path that works for you.

Robb Wolf why a CSA and how to find one

bountiful baskets


tame the sugar beast here at life less hurried

Friday, April 19, 2013

a salad dressing tutorial

As I am eating healthier I am eating alot more salads. But I am not talking lettuce smothered with ranch dressing, bacon bits, and croutons. I am talking real salads with a variety of fruits, veg, nuts, and whole grains. When you start making these types of salads the old bottled dressings are out. They are expensive, plus they full of things that I do not need in my body. They are usually calorie laden and full of salt and sugar; much of it corn syrup. (Yes, there is corn syrup in many dressings.) You may think that a lite dressing is better, they are usually even more loaded up with sugar and salt to make up for the lack of flavorful oils, not to mention they are all loaded with preservatives. Do yourself a favor and begin experimenting with making your own dressings, your body will thank you.

There was a time when everyone made their own dressing for salads. Now days, many people think that it is something you buy, and making your own seems rather hard and impossible. Nothing is further from the truth. 

Making your own dressing is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1. ACID This can be vinegar, lemon, lime, orange etc. I love balsamic vinegar, or rice wine vinegars right now.

2. FAT  This can be olive oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, avocado, ground nuts, etc.

3. FLAVORINGS  This can be salt and pepper, garlic, onion, herbs, spices, mustard etc. 
For sweetness, honey, jam, or  maple syrup can do the trick.
for a creamy dressing, Greek yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk or mayo can do the trick

Whisk ingredients together and you have a salad dressing.

The amount of fat to acid can vary upon taste.  I know one of the standards that it taught is 2 parts oil to 1 part acid. I find that I like it a bit less oily, I tend to go equal or even opposite of that with 2 parts acid to one part oil. experiment until you find what you like. Experimenting with flavors is part of the fun in cooking.

Here are some examples of how easy salad dressings can be.

Poppyseed dressing
1 Tablespoons sesame seed
1 Tablespoon poppyseeds
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 Tablespoon very finely chopped or grated onion

whisk or blend together.

This is good served on a bed of spinach and fruit, like strawberries and Mandarin oranges. Top with some nuts, and maybe some Parmesan cheese, it is lovely.

Ranch dressing

1 cup mayo
1 cup buttermilk
1 Tablespoon dried minced onion
1 Tablespoon parsley flakes
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon dried dill
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper

Blend ingredients together and serve over your favorite salad

Sesame Ginger Dressing

1 tablespoon sesame seeds  (toasted in a hot skillet if you like)
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon rice vinegar
1 scallion, finely chopped
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1/3 cup canola or other neutral flavored oil
2 teaspoons sesame oil
1 Tablespoon honey

whisk or blend everything together in a blender and serve on your favorite salad, or use as a dip for egg rolls etc.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you will remember that I made mustard for Christmas gifts. It is a great addition to our salad dressings.  A link to that post is below

making mustard

Dinner planner has some great salad dressing recipes that are easy to make. The link is below

dinner planner

I hope you will begin to make your own dressings. It is so easy and it makes for very happy taste buds. Happy cooking.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Do you enjoy eating?

When was the last time that you sat down and enjoyed a meal?

For some of us the answer is easy and as close as last night, but for way too many of us the answer is alot further away. Some are thinking back .....Christmas or maybe.... Thanksgiving? some are saying to themselves; "Have I ever really enjoyed a meal?"

What makes a meal enjoyable? Sometimes it is the company; but many times it is the fact that we slowed down enough to enjoy it. We tend to live in a grab and run society. We wolf down our food and rarely take time to taste it. When you think back to those times you really enjoyed a meal; how did  it make you feel? How did it relate to your senses?  It seems like when we slow down and enjoy our food all our senses are used and engaged.
                                                                                                                           © Anetta | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images


As I attended chef school we often talked about you eat with your eyes first. It was a common saying in our class. This is true, as a chef we like to get the customers attention. But have you ever been disappointed by something that looked really good, but failed to deliver on flavor? My Grandma was a good cook, it did not always look "good enough to eat", yet it was tasty. What about smell? When the bakery wafts out the smell of fresh baked bread or cookies, how does your body feel, how do you react? What about the crunch of chips, or the smooth cold taste of ice cream?  Life is meant to be enjoyed. Food is meant to be enjoyed and used in the body, but too often we slurp it down with no real thought and no real enjoyment. Eating with all your senses (and doing it often) can lead to a good place in life.


When we slow down and enjoy the food we eat there is something real that happens. First, we find the nutrition in the food. When we slow down and eat intentionally we tend to chew our food better. Food gets digested much better when it is chewed. We also tend to eat less. Have you ever sat down and ate the entire thing without even thinking, and you still felt hungry? When you sit down to eat a meal there is something that is triggered in the brain.When I started sitting down to meals, it was memorable; my brain would reset itself.  I used to snack about the day and yet my brain would tell me that I was hungry. It would send me signals that I hadn't eaten all day; and usually I had scarfed something else down before I realized that I had already been snacking all day.  I do not always take time to sit for meals, but I find that I do so much better when I do. It is becoming worth the effort for me and my family to sit down and enjoy meals together.


Put it to the test, Take time to enjoy your food. One person said she could enjoy desserts, she would just eat a small portion with her antique silver dessert spoon. It was small and dainty and it helped her to remember to take smaller bites. She would then savor each bite and enjoy dessert as an accompaniment to the meal and not the main dish. It worked for her. Focus on the food at mealtimes. Sit down to meals (even if it is only one meal a day). See if your body responds differently. It has worked for us. See what may happen in your own life. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

building a sense of community

It is spring! We are out and about in the neighborhood. It has been nice. This winter has seemed so long. I have missed socializing in the neighborhood. It seems like we have all been hibernating all winter. (I know I have). It seem that I have been very un-social lately. I get in my car, run my errands, get back in the car, back home. Sometimes we are the same with work. We go to work and back home; that is all.  We do not get to know anyone outside of the office and home.

There is something about getting to know the people in our neighborhood. There is something about a friendly smile, a nod, a wave. It seems that we are in such a hurry and so buried in our own little lives, that we do not take the time to get to know those in our community. We don't know our neighbors. We don't acknowledge those who serve us in our community. When was the last time you actually said hello to the cashier at the grocery store. Do you say hello; or do you just grunt at them like so many others?  Did you thank them for their service?  Would your mail carrier fall over with surprise if you gave them a friendly wave?

 It was not so long ago that these gestures were common. People smiled and talked with one another. They waved to one another. They knew each other. We knew knew those that served us, we knew the people in our neighborhood. Think back to childhood and that song on Sesame Street; "Oh the                is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood,......... It's the people that you meet when you're walking down the street, It's the people that you meet each day" (Go ahead sing along I know you know it.)

Having a sense of community is good for us all. It helps build us socially and emotionally. I think all to often we feel so alone. We do not feel a part of anything more than the electronics that we surround ourselves with. We drown ourselves in the media, and it makes us feel worse than ever. We go to a doctor; get a prescription for a drug trying to make ourselves feel better; when what we really need is to get out and say hello to our neighbors. We are social creatures who have forgotten how to be social. We fool ourselves into thinking that we have connected on facebook and twitter. Although I have kept up with people on facebook, it is not the same as face to face contact.

So what do we do?  Get out and make some real connections. When you are engaged with a grocery clerk, or the cashier at the gas station, make eye contact, be sure to say hello, and thank you.  Say hello to people that you meet. Turn off the electronic devices and be aware of the people that are around you. I have a new goal and resolution, If I do not know the name of a person that I have seen about the neighborhood, I am going to introduce myself. I am going to make a point to get to know at least two people a month.

A number of years ago I read an interesting short story written by E. M. Forster. It is an interesting tale written in 1909, about a society that has come to a point where a machine has taken over their lives. It is written from the eyes of a young man, who wants to dream, who wants to have a life outside the  machine. He is looking for community and is not finding it. It is very interesting reading. Although it is science fiction, many parts of it have become reality.  I would encourage taking the time to read this little story. See what happens.

Monday, April 8, 2013

my adventures with farro

Farro? What the heck is that?  Farro is an early relative of wheat. It is an ancient grain. It is grown mainly in Italy. It is not a high yielding crop and has a husk that is harder to remove as compared to other grains;  therefore it is not readily grown especially in the United States.

We here in the United States are not used to cooking and dealing with grains in their whole form. It can be intimidating  not knowing how to prepare them. I first heard about farro while watching Fusion grain cooking with Chef Brad. I am getting over my fears of whole grain cooking with the help of  his show. I am learning new skills and experiencing new foods. I was intrigued by it and searched some out at the health food store. We enjoyed that we bought. We made several dishes with it. I am looking forward to purchasing some more and making some new dishes with it.

Farro has a nice nutty flavor and chewy texture when cooked. It is a wonderful addition to the diet. It can be used for soups, salads, risotto, pilaf and such. It is becoming trendy in the restaurants on the east and west coast. It is becoming more available  (I have even heard that may be available at Costco wholesale club).  It is a wonderful grain and may be worth the efforts to try and get your hands on some.

here are some links and helps to find some recipes for farro. I hope you will look into searching out some for yourself. Go ahead try something new.

Chef Brad farro recipes

four recipes for farro

ten recipes for farro

Friday, April 5, 2013

blueberries, more than muffins

One of the easiest real foods to get into your diet is blueberries!Just wash and eat, what could be easier

                                                                  © Rwharr | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Blueberries are a powerhouse of nutrition. There is alot packed into these little berries. They are full of vitamins and minerals and packed with phytochemicals and enzymes that are great for the body and brain. They are known for their ability to fight heart disease and cancer. They are something that should be part of every diet. I am talking real blueberries here, not those blueberry flavored bits of stuff you find in cereals and premade muffins. I am talking whole, juicy bluberries.

 When I buy blueberries they usually do not last more than a few hours. I have three children that love them as much as their momma.  We throw them onto our cereal, into yogurt, on or salads (if they make them that far). The kids will just eat them plain. If I buy them in the morning and want them for dinner; I have to hide them in the back of the fridge and hope they don't get discovered. They make for a quick and easy snacks or desserts because they require no real preparation.  We love to make pancakes with our natural yeast; add blueberries, and you have heaven on a plate.  

To make blueberry pancakes is really easy 

1. Start with you favorite pancake batter   our natural yeast waffle/ pancake recipe
2. heat your griddle
3. pour your pancakes
4. sprinkle a handful of blueberries over the batter
5. cook until bubbly and drying around the edges
6. turn over and cook on the other side
7. serve with your favorite toppings.

What could be better. Add blueberries and your family will think they have something special. But please do not wait for a special occasion to add blueberries to your diet. 

whether fresh or frozen, blueberries can be beneficial to anyone's diet.  A word about frozen blueberries. Use them frozen if adding to muffins or such, do not thaw. Coat them with a bit of flour first and stir them gently at the end of mixing. Otherwise, the juices run all into your batter you end up with a purplish gray muffin or cake.  

Whatever you do with them, make sure that you enjoy them often.

Below are some great resources to help you in your blueberry adventures

blueberry recipe web site

blueberry council website

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

becoming strong in mind, body and spirit

A couple of weeks ago,  I wrote about finding your dieting attitude/style in that post, I promised that I would have some suggestions for becoming healthy in body, mind and spirit. Here are some suggested places to start.

1.  Embrace yourself in who you are right now.  This does not mean that you are content with how things are, this just means that you are aware and ready to change.  This is your body that you have been given. It is not perfect at this time, but can be better given the right things.  For me I am not just overweight, I am obese, The reality is; that I am probably morbidly obese. I would like to think that I am just overweight and call myself fluffy, but I have come to grip with the fact that I am obese. Now I am very aware of where I am  and that I have a problem, I can move forward onto the next part which is

2. Personal responsibility.  We live in a society where personal responsibility seems to be a thing of the past. We are always passing the blame. It starts early on as a child we blame our siblings  or the infamous Mr Nobody.  I see it with my children. We grow up thinking that it is someone Else's fault. Remember the 80's song "blame it on the rain"?  We grow up blaming big government, high prices, inflation, genetics and everyone else. For most people admitting that I have a problem and I am the solution is all it takes.
If you keep on doing the same thing you will get the same results. So change what you are doing. Look inside for the solution.

Quit blaming everyone else and know that you have to take control of your mind and body. For most of us we can make those changes and things get better, but for some; they may need extra help. I have been watching a TV show called "freaky eaters" It is about people who have taken their eating habits to the extreme. They are addicted to certain foods. They seem to have lost control, and it may take a bit more for them to find the solution inside themselves. With the help of others they can do it. Which brings me to the next point;

3. Find a support group, or better yet start one. Making changes alone can be discouraging. If you have a support group you are setting yourself up for success. Having someone of a like mind helps keep you on track. Knowing that you are not the only one can be a real pick me up on those days when you would otherwise feel alone. During the healthy life summit several people mentioned that they had found support in the Weston A Price Foundation. Here is a link where you can look for a local chapter in your area.   Weston A Price foundation find a chapter.

4. MOVE. It is good for your brain and body. Our bodies are not made to sit at computers all day. They are created to work. Do some physical work. It is not just about the gym.  Think about doing things the old fashioned way. It works wonders for the brain and body. You can read a post I wrote about why I wash dishes by hand. Work your body and brain everyday and you will contribute to your health immensely. I have taken up yoga, just 30 minutes a day, and I feel so much better.Yoga has become an essential part of my day. I am getting to where I can't do without it.  I have also taken up step aerobics daily.

5. Get your brain in the game. I am loving the yoga, it helps me to get my brain and body working together. There is so much we can do when we get thinking positive and get rid of those negative thoughts that keep us from going ahead. For me I have to tell myself that "Food is fuel; I eat to fuel my body not  to feed my emotions!" I quit telling myself that when I was pregnant. I ate only what I could tolerate, then I ate to feed the new emotions that popped up with being a Mother. I am feeling so much better now that I am eating for the right reasons. Getting healthy is not just about your body, but your whole being.

There are so many more things you can do, but this is a good starting place. I will be sure to write more about a healthy mind and body connection in some later posts.

heatlthy living summit was wonderful!

I am so glad that I was able to take some time to learn with the healthy living summit. I listened to an average of nearly 3 hours a day all week. It was nice to take some time to refocus on what is important for me mentally and physically. Now to take all that information and put it to use in the world that I live in. I am inspired to make some real lifestyle changes for me and my family.

This weekend I get another great opportunity. Saturday begins General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We get two full days to feast upon the word of God. I love it. Twice a year we get to enjoy this spiritual flood. I usually come out of it with a renewed spirit. This time I am going in with renewed energy of body and mind, then you add the renewal of the spirit---wow! It should be really good.


When:  April 6th and 7th 2013 
Sessions are held both days at 10 am and 2 pm  Mountain daylight time.
(On Sunday morning they begin with the traditional 9:30 broadcast of music and the spoken word by the choir and orchestra at temple square.)

Where: Originating from Salt Lake City, Utah;  broadcasts all over the world by Internet, TV, and radio.

Over the weekend they had a meeting especially for the young women age 12-18.
you can listen to those talks at the link below. You can also stream the conference this weekend at the same link.

general conference Internet link