Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Seek Him this Christmas

It is that time of year again where I go off on a rant about Christmas and how society has lost focus as to what it is all about.  You can read my previous posts by clicking the links below

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Getting Christ back in Christmas

I have a desire to go off and rant and rave about Santa, snowmen, and elves, and how people tend to focus on these things instead of Jesus, but I have done enough of that in the past.

This year I would simply encourage you to put up a Manger, Crèche, or Nativity.

We have made it a point over the last few years to look for other believers and to keep our eyes out for baby Jesus.  Kids naturally have a keen eye for Santa he is everywhere, but we are changing that at our house. We make it a game to see who can find baby Jesus first.

                         We spend the season seeking HIM.

It is a simple thing that has made a big difference in how we celebrate. It keeps Christ at the forefront of our minds during the season. It changes our thoughts and actions. This year, I didn't even mention it.  It is now natural for the kids to seek him and be watching for him.

May you be inspired to change how you think about Christmas, may you feel the love of Christ this season is my prayer for each of you. 

Happy Momma

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