Monday, April 8, 2013

my adventures with farro

Farro? What the heck is that?  Farro is an early relative of wheat. It is an ancient grain. It is grown mainly in Italy. It is not a high yielding crop and has a husk that is harder to remove as compared to other grains;  therefore it is not readily grown especially in the United States.

We here in the United States are not used to cooking and dealing with grains in their whole form. It can be intimidating  not knowing how to prepare them. I first heard about farro while watching Fusion grain cooking with Chef Brad. I am getting over my fears of whole grain cooking with the help of  his show. I am learning new skills and experiencing new foods. I was intrigued by it and searched some out at the health food store. We enjoyed that we bought. We made several dishes with it. I am looking forward to purchasing some more and making some new dishes with it.

Farro has a nice nutty flavor and chewy texture when cooked. It is a wonderful addition to the diet. It can be used for soups, salads, risotto, pilaf and such. It is becoming trendy in the restaurants on the east and west coast. It is becoming more available  (I have even heard that may be available at Costco wholesale club).  It is a wonderful grain and may be worth the efforts to try and get your hands on some.

here are some links and helps to find some recipes for farro. I hope you will look into searching out some for yourself. Go ahead try something new.

Chef Brad farro recipes

four recipes for farro

ten recipes for farro


  1. I just pinned a few farro recipes the other day. Thanks for sharing this info on Tuesday Greens!

  2. MMmmmm...never even heard of it but I love trying new things, guess I will add this to my list. Try anything once. Joining from the Healthy Tues Hop
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  3. I've been seeing more and more recipes for Faro as well, and it looks really delicious. I'm definitely on the look out for it. Thank you for the links to all those faro recipes - I do look forward to trying it!

  4. Never heard of farro. Thanks for sharing on the HomeAcre Hop. Come back and see us this week:

  5. I had a delicious veggie burger made with farro and some other ingredients. It was delicious!