Monday, August 5, 2013

Are you lost without Google?

We are so dependent upon our electronic devices. Some of our young people  (and even adults) would love to have their devices permanently attached. It is crazy to think that we have become so addicted and dependent upon such things. If I was a teacher of the young people I would love to do an experiment; assign them to do a report with one requirement; it would be a report to be done  without the use of the Internet. They would be required to find the information the old fashioned way,  like going to the library and actually researching it out. It would be really interesting to see. I suppose I would see blank stares. Some would be shocked, "No Internet, how the ------?"

I am reminded of an episode of Star trek the next generation. It was a disaster situation, The medical staff has many people to treat.  They were treating a broken bone and the bone knitter was out of order. The staff was at a loss as to what to do without the use of the equipment that they were so dependent upon.  The Chief Medical Officer said, "Use a splint" To which was returned blank stares. She then had to explain the idea behind using a splint to heal a bone. Are we in the same type of situation?

We are so overwhelmed by the information out there.And our smart phones are making us dumb.We no longer remember  phone numbers or anything important for that matter. We rely heavily on our smart phones.  On several occasions I have heard "I don't remember what it is called; but Google it and you will be able to find it."  "Just Google it" is becoming a way of life. For example, When was the last time you cracked open a phone book to look for a phone number? Some of you are thinking, "Phone book?" Yes, phone book they still exist.

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I was reading an interesting article today (see the link below). It was about how It would take only a second for a nuclear bomb to be detonated high over the United States. It would send out an electromagnetic pulse that would render all our electronic gadgets useless. It would wipe out the infrastructure that we all depend upon. Many would be helpless. As a generation so dependent upon electricity and gadgets that do it all for us it would be devastating.

How self sufficient are you? Could you survive without a phone, the Internet, or electricity?  In this situation we would be back to basic living in an instant. It could be months or years before power was restored. Can you cook without a microwave or stove? How would you keep warm in the winter without a furnace working? Do you have any skills to survive and are you teaching them to your children? What would you do in this situation?    Don't think it can happen to you? check out a post from modern homesteaders A soldiers perspective.

The  link to above mentioned article is below
blackout for the nation


  1. Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing at Time-Warp Wife.

  2. Hi :)
    Yes, we have thought about the devastation of an Electromagnetic pulse many is scary, but we are trying to be as prepared as the Lord would lead us to be. I wrote you a reply to your sweet, transparent comment on DRAH. Please be encouraged!
    Thank you for writing about this!! I have a set-up the scenario post in the works that is very much like this ( a series perhaps?) on preparedness. I may have to use the Star Trek analogy!
    I'm praying for you, new friend! Please pray for me, too! We set the attitude thermostat in our homes, for sure!
    God bless you!

  3. I agree we are far too dependent on electronics. One power outage is enough to prove that!

  4. I completely agree! I'm a computer programmer for a living and stay way too engrossed in technologies. But some days I hate it. We are no where near as prepared as I'd like to be, but we are some and have a little more common sense than many do these days. Thanks for sharing!

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