Saturday, August 25, 2012

on butter and other real food

YES I EAT REAL BUTTER AND EGGS!  I couldn't belive it when my sister told me she is going to start eating real butter. She has been  anti-fat, anti-sugar etc. She went to a class on cooking with whole foods, and decided that real food is where it is at!  I was overjoyed! She is really trying to make a difference in her family. We can start sharing recipes and enjoying life together. I am glad she has seen the light. I am getting back to it. In the last few months I have really made some great strides with my own family. I am glad that those I love are getting it also.

I read a blog post a bit back where the author said something like this; take what they are telling you and do totally opposite. If they promote it as healthy, do not eat it. If they say it is bad for you, eat it anyways. About 90% of the time it will come back that it was not the total truth.  Nearly all of it is a marketing game. Most of what you hear out there comes from marketers who's main objective is to make the competition's product seem bad, so that their product will sound great!

I can't take it anymore. The product claims out there are so overwhelming. Everyone is screaming so loud to be heard over the other guys. From the grocery store, to the health food store, the Tv to the internet, there are so many voices out there. START LISTENING TO YOUR OWN BODY AND INNER VOICE. for me, I did really well when I was doing that. When I got married and had kids. I neglected me. I started eating whatever was closest, and quickest. Convinience and easiness got in my way and I lost focus. My health is telling me about it. NO MORE. My body tells me what I need. Real food, Naked food.  Whole grains, as themselves; not overprocessed cold cereal  made with whole grains plus alot of extra stuff. Real fruits and vegetables as themselves. Kale chips made with kale, oil and salt; not dried up, ground up, mashed up with a bunch of other ingredients fried into vegetable chips stuff.

It does take time and planning, but is well worth the efforts put into it.
keep a watch out for more  updates from the feild as we journal our way to health here at life less hurried.

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  1. I like that, "start listening to your inner voice". We all have one, and I have been practicing for a couple of years. Some days and weeks are still hard to do that, but I ALWAYS find when I listen and trust my inner voice, I am NEVER led astray for what is best for me. And sometimes, I have to admit, I worry that my inner voice will get vocal enough to drown out someone else's inner voice, so I try to inform and then reminde others that they need to trust what their heart is telling them which may be different than what is right for me. Thank goodness for our own personal compass, if we just learn how to use it and then choose to trust it!

  2. Visiting from the BArn Hop...
    I read a great quote once that said, "As for butter vs. margarine, well, I trust cows more than I trust chemists". That stuck with me and I am now in the habit of asking, "How much of this food came from a cow (meaning an natural source) and how much of it came from a chemist".

    If it's more "chemistry" than "cow" I put it back. I want food that came from a field, not a lab!

    How lucky for you that your sister is changing her ways. I still get the oddball look from people when I talk about my food choices. I wish I had a cooking buddy to share ideas with!

  3. Thank you for all the nice comments. I love the internet community. I love finding like minded people out there. Today I read more about the SAD diet. (Standard American Diet). I think it fitting that it has the initals SAD. Our American diet and lifesyle is so sad on so many levels.I love finding people that are making changes. That is how major change is made one moment and one choice at a time.

  4. Real Food. Yes.

    My kids and I were talking about eating what God made for food vs. poison (or, handsoap actually was the issue at the moment...) Defining what is actually poison is the trick. I agree- real, naked food is best.

  5. Well said. I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. Thanks for linking up! I love real food. A negihbor was just over yesterday trying to get me to fall in love with the "healthy" store-bought cookie she found. Um, no thanks!

  7. absolutely fabulous :) we need more truth tellers out there about the importance of real food. I've been saying for ages that if it needs a health claim or a label - it isn't real food and we don't need it! Eat whole foods. Move more than you watch tv. and laugh. that's a "healthy" lifestyle. love it!!!

    p.s. tomorrow is the Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop - I'd love it for you to stop by and link this (or any other seasonal/real food) post up :) gotta spread the word, yes? xo, kristy

  8. Hooray for your sister's new-found insights! Yes, real food, real eggs, real butter. I'm thinking that God knew what He was doing when He first came up with the idea! ;-D

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. Way cool! I wanna make my own butter now! I make my own bread - why not butter! My Dad is a goat expert and he is a man that will take his own butter to a restaurant if the only thing they bring to the table is the "fake stuff"...and I am pleased to say, I follow in his footsteps!

  10. AMEN!! Well said! We need more voices like you that know the truth and know what is best for our bodies! The REAL deal! Thank you for sharing with us at Healthy 2Day Wednesdays. Carrie @