Monday, July 21, 2014

When the box has better nutrition than what's inside

We all have had a chance to poke fun of Twinkies and other foods that have been the stories of urban legend. You know the ones that may or may not be classified food, those foods that will outlast every other thing because of the preservatives. But what about these foods and the other things that we eat on a daily basis?  

It is said that "you are what you eat" I do believe this to be true. If we eat nutritious foods in its whole form we will also be whole. We should be eating our fruits and vegetables and whole grains as the main staple foods in our life.  God did not make a mistake. He made our bodies to run off of whole foods. We should be eating food that comes from the farmer's field not the battlefield of food marketing.


Here is an interesting article from peeling back the layers.  In this article they discuss a group of researchers who were looking at the effects of fortified breakfast cereals in mice.  During the research someone got the idea that it would be interesting to feed the mice the box that the cereal came in. The results were interesting. They found that the rats fed the box lived longer than those that ate the cereal. Needless to say, this research was never published because it did not fit the needs of the cereal manufacturers. It would ruin them if the truth was really known.

What is a person to do to escape from that battlefield of food marketing, and how do we know if the foods we are eating will really harm us?   

1. Be aware. You should know that the studies we hear about are usually  paid for by the big companies. The results are usually "spun" to fit whatever it is they are selling and often studies like the one quoted above are never published.  

2. Your attitude about food makes a big difference. There was a time that I did very well.  My thought process was this "I eat to fuel my body, not feed my emotions!"  I had babies and forgot all that. I let myself get caught up in the attitudes of those around me because it was easier, therefore I have had to start over on the process of eliminating the bad food and gaining ground with the good stuff.


3. Begin with a few fruits and vegetables, and keep adding them until you have some great recipes for nutritious and delicious foods. It will be easier to make the transition and make it stick as a lifestyle change if you have some good recipes to rely on.

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Check out some of these resources and see what happens in your life.