Monday, July 14, 2014

Use this simple trick to clean and restore your car headlights

Who knew that regular old toothpaste could easily shine and restore your headlights? I tried this trick and was pleased with the results.


While there are several methods for doing this, I chose a direct approach.

1.  Apply a good amount of  regular old toothpaste directly to the headlight cover.

2.  Use a soft cloth to rub the toothpaste across the entire surface of the lens cover

3.  Wait 3-5 minutes

4. With a clean cloth and a bucket of cool water scrub the lens  cover clean.

5. Repeat step 4 until all the gunk and goo is removed.  

6. Wipe dry 

My experience with this method:

The toothpaste dried up fast as I rubbed (maybe it was the fact that I stopped to take a few pictures). I had to add more toothpaste as I went to ensure complete coverage. The other trouble I had was I had three young helpers (as Mom's often do) so I ended up with toothpaste in places that I didn't really want, like on the hood of the car. It took quite a bit of rinsing to get rid of all the extra toothpaste that comes from my helpers. 

It was well worth it. I have looked into lens restoration before, it is expensive to have someone else do it. Do it yourself kits are less expensive but still cost quit a bit. I got as good results with toothpaste as I did with one of the commercial cleaners that I used several years ago on another car before I knew about toothpaste.  

I give the simple toothpaste method 5 stars.