Saturday, June 15, 2013

Is it really the peanuts?

In the United States peanut allergies are growing at an alarming rate! 

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It makes me ask "what is going on here?"  There are so many kids being diagnosed with peanut allergies. Schools are going peanut free because of  it. It is super crazy.  A number of years ago we did not have this problem. After doing some research into real foods and how to keep our family healthy I have decided that it may not really be the peanuts causing troubles with our children and our schools.

I believe that it may not be the peanut itself, but the toxins in the soil that they are grown in. Peanuts are a root. They grow down  and suck up everything in the soil and water storing it all in the peanut that we eat.  Peanuts are routinely grown in cycle with cotton plants which are one of the most pesticide laden crops grown in the United States. The ground is totally saturated with round-up and other chemicals that kill everything in sight. The next year they will grow peanuts in the very same soil. IT THEREFORE MAKES ME WONDER IF IT REALLY  IS THE PEANUTS?

Now we go onto peanut butter. It is loaded with sugar (often in the form of corn syrup), and hydrogenated oils many of them made with cottonseed oil again doused with chemicals while being grown and then bathed in a chemical pool to help in the extraction of the oils. This oil is processed further by being hydrogenated and then it is put into the peanut butter.  Are we really shocked that so many of our children are allergic to peanuts? 

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  1. I tend to feel the same way. So many of these things weren't issues when I was a kid, and I feel the issue really isn't the food itself. Most food simply isn't food anymore. Same with gluten I think.

  2. I sit around wondering about this. I grew up loving peanut butter - still do on occasion. Yours is an interesting possibility.

  3. Great post! Not enough people are questioning what is going on with our food system. There is certainly something causing these sensitivities, and I would say pesticides are likely are big ingredient to the problem.

    Kaylie from

  4. My husband and I discussed the huge increase in peanut allergies even before I started to study food. It is crazy! I accidently packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a pre-school field trip and was treated like a criminal. Don't get me wrong......I understand how important it is to protect our children with allergies. My point is.....eating peanut butter was the norm when I was a kid. I knew one kid in the whole school that had a peanut it's the whole school. Something has to have changed. The evidence is undeniable!

  5. There are so many crazy things used on the food we now consume, it is scary and sad. I made the choice to cut out many processed foods from my diet in an attempt to see if I would feel better. It worked. Sadly now my kids have a hard time eating even school lunches because they cannot tolerate some of the ingredients. When will we start realizing that we cannot keep doing this to our bodies?

    Thanks for sharing on our Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop, I hope you will join us again next week!
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

  6. I think the roasting process with bad oils may also have a hand (the chemical structure is changed, making it more allergenic).