Friday, May 31, 2013

Just my simple thoughts

I just gotta rant and rave for a bit. Tune into my brain if you like.  This is just me thinking out loud for a while.

What has happened to our farms? It makes me crazy. Farming has become like an Olympic sport. If you are not constantly improving  from year to year, you are being run over by others. Farmers are going into debt so far over their heads just to be able to increase yields each and every year. It is not longer about what you grow, but how much you can grow and how quickly you can grow it.  The trend spread over to India where Monsanto and a few other companies promised that through their system growers in India could increase the yields of their crops to incredible levels. The farmers bought into it. They wanted to join in the Olympic sport of farming, and they are paying the price.  In America we have big government and big business that will buy the crops  (we buy and feed it to the cattle). Not so in India. Also in America it is socially acceptable to carry a crushing amount of debt in business. Not so in India. In India farmers are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Close to a quarter million farmers have  committed suicide in just a few short years all because they can not keep up with the demands of Those companies who promised them a large crop yield, and all they got was crushing debt.

Debt, we have become so accustomed to our debt that we do not feel the weight anymore.  People do not know how to live without debt. For some it seems like it can't be done. We have come to think that you have to have a mortgage payment and a car payment forever. No one ever pays off the debt, thus interest only loans. Talking about student loans makes people crazy. There are many who say I can't work and go to school, I have to take out loans. It is too expensive. Our children are going to school and coming out with debt that will never go away and many will carry student loan debt nearly to retirement. There are many who will come out of school with debt and no way to earn enough to even begin to pay it back.  I earned two degrees without student loans, it is called hard work. I went to school and worked in the eves. It took a bit longer, but I did it. It is not impossible to stay out of major debt, but it requires effort.

Why do young people have an aversion to work? They think that work is for the illegals in this country. Our kids think that any kind of physical work is beneath them. One mother here close by, when her daughter and boyfriend came to her for money she told them, "There is a yard that needs cleaned up, I will pay you to do the job". They complained and thought that it sounded too hard to work for the money. They went on to get help from the government who gave to them without requiring anything in return.

Our government system. Oh my, I could go off for hours about that, But I wanted to talk about the welfare part of it. We have created a society that is becoming ever more increasingly dependant upon government to feed and take care of us. "Don't worry if you have crushing debt and can't afford to take care of yourself, we can help. We will feed you."  The number of people receiving food assistance  from the government is astounding, and it is growing in leaps and bounds, because the government is pushing for it to be that way. They are telling people, "It is your right as a tax payer".  The government is trying to get us so dependant upon them. Obama will go out in a blaze of glory being able to tell about how he fed and clothed and took care of the American people through a time of great trial.

 It is like the old saying "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"   We are increasingly losing the ability to take care of ourselves.  We have been feed, but not taught. I am working hard at teaching those around me to think and care for themselves. I am keeping up those old fashioned skills of food growing and preserving. I do not care to garden, I tend to grow more weeds than real food, but the satisfaction of growing my own food and not being dependant on handouts is worth it. I get real satisfaction from it. It is not like the satisfaction of passing the next level on a video game.

Our children have not learned the satisfaction that comes from real achievements in life. They only sit about and play video games all day long. Last year when I heard about a college age boy who died from sitting for nearly 24 hours playing a video game. It made my cry. He sat for so long his blood clotted and sent a blood clot through his body that killed him. I recently got a kindle fire and the children love to play games, there are so many games and activities out there for them to enjoy, but we are sure to limit the amount of time they can play on the thing. I do encourage them to read and enjoy books on it, but the other things we limit. I make them go out and enjoy the world around them. I try and keep them strong in mind, body and spirit.

By keeping our children healthy we can avoid doctors/(pill pushers) as much as possible. I could not believe it when on the TV this week I hear they are recommending that we start checking cholesterol levels of our children as young as eight and recommending cholesterol lowering drugs for children as young as ten.  It is bad enough when we are putting people on these drugs "just in case".  These drugs do not much more than put billions of dollars in the pockets of drug companies and those involved in the production and distribution of these drugs. Cholesterol lowering drugs do not work all that well. The majority of people can get much better results by eating real food. Besides that, there is really little real evidence that lowering cholesterol levels really decreases heart disease. If it really was working, we wouldn't have such rates of heart disease. It seems that it is a way to sell drugs to people and we have run out of groups to target so we are targeting children.

Our precious children who we would like to have a bright future, sometimes it seems so dim for them and me too. I just go about doing the best I can, and teaching them the best skills I know how. It is hard to send my children into an world where there are so many rules and regulations that they can hardly breathe, then there is danger around every corner and not just bullying, when drugs and pornography are such troubles in elementary school it makes me so upset, I mean really, eight and nine year olds delving into hard core porn it is astounding. I did not have to deal with this stuff until junior high, when I was old enough to at least grasp it a little bit.

It is a scary world, it is not the world that I would choose to live in. But I do live here. I can teach my children to hold on to the good things. I can teach them to not dwell on the evil and bad things in this world.

 There is still good in this world I know it and I see it. I can surround myself with the good things. I can choose positive things to fill my world. I choose those things.

Now that I have gotten all that out of my system, I am ready to go find those great and good things. You too, go find some good today!

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