Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What is your dieting attitude/style

Dieting and getting healthy is something that is prevalent all around us here in the United States.  It seems that you can hardly turn on the TV or computer without someone trying trying to sell you something to help you get healthy or lose weight. How do you react to all this?

I have identified 5 different attitudes in dieting and getting healthy.

1. There are those out there who want to be healthy or lose weight yet it sounds too hard to do it the old fashioned way. "Give me a pill",  they say. These people are not willing to give up the pleasure of food and the addictions that they have. They live in the world of "I will take my cake and eat it too".They are wanting a quick fix, and are typically dissatisfied when they do not get the results as quickly as they desire. They may have tried many diets before with limited success because their diets only last for a few days or weeks and have no time to really show their effects.

2. There are those who are of the attitude of "If it ain't broke don't fix it What's wrong with what I am already doing?" These people tend to go along with whatever seems good at the time. They tend to float along in the crowd. They don't tend to care to much about what they eat, they just eat what tastes good. they may have a small desire to lose weight or get healthy, but in the end it is not enough to warrant making changes.

3. There are those out there that want to get healthy, yet they need someone to hold their hand. "Tell me how to do it! give me a detailed plan." They are really good at getting started. They follow the diet books to the letter. They are  extremely good at sticking with a diet.  They tend to live someone else's system.They do well, but when they get bored with the same recipes/foods; they tend to go off the diet. They have a hard time incorporating anything other than what is written in the program.

4. There is another variety of people out there. They are the people  that get it into their head that one certain food/juice/or supplement is "it". They have found the miracle cure for everything. They get going on that one thing. They often drive others crazy preaching about how great this thing that they have found is.

5. And lastly, there are the gung ho lifestyle changers. These people get real excited about healthy eating. They tend to throw out the "bad food" in the house. They fill up the house with good healthy food. The problem with these people is that they want to make sure that everyone around them eats healthy too. They turn into the food police. They can make life miserable for those around them who lack enthusiasm or are not ready to go "cold turkey" like they have.

Where do you find yourself? Which type do you identify with on the list? 

Tune in next week when I  I will share some strategies, helps and hints for losing weight and becoming healthy in body, mind and spirit.

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