Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raising a family of mud pie makers

Snow is melting, it is revealing all that was lost underneath. Lost mittens, forgotten toys and such are showing up in puddles everywhere. My children love to explore the world around them. They are finding real joy in discovering those lost treasures hidden under the snow and in the puddles/mud.                    © Nanadou | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

 I think I am  going crazy from mud puddles that come into my home. It is a challenge to keep it clean, but it is worth it! Yes, I said mud puddle messes are worth it. If the children are mud puddle jumping and mud pie making, they are gaining all kinds of health benefits.

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Some of you are ready to tune me out and think that I am off my rocker. What kind of health benefits come from making messes and playing in the mud?  Have you ever really watched a kid playing in a puddle. They jump in with both feet with reckless abandon. My son loves to see how high/ far he can make the water go. He works hard on calculating how to jump just right to get the best effect. While jumping in puddles kids senses are heightened. Their brains are really working hard when jumping in puddles. (and we just thought it was all about fun)

Kids jumping in puddles are joyful. There is something joyful about puddle jumping. As children we did not worry about the mess, it was all about the fun and joy that comes from splashing about in the puddle. Then someone told us that mud and puddles were bad and we couldn't do that anymore, and that we had to grow up. To those people I say Go and splash in a springtime puddle. Find the joy that comes from that.

My children love puddles and love to play in the dirt. We end up with alot of dirt in the house. Dirt in the house is worth it! It means the children have been outside breathing the air.  It means they have been exploring the world around them. It means they have been discoving God's creations. It means they are becoming one with the world around them. It is not just toddlers that need the mud and dirt, it is older kids too, they need to experience the touch and feel of dirt beneath their toes and fingers.

Playing in the dirt is good for all of our children emotionally and phsyically. They are exploring and using their immagination. This means  that they are moving and growing. But it is more than that. They are connecting to the world  around them, and that is important. Another important thing that happens when you get your hands dirty, your body gets an immune boost. There are microbes in dirt that you cannot get anywhere else. Playing in the dirt  could be considered "nature's flu shot". It has been proven that kids that play in the dirt and are exposed to those microbes found in dirt are healthier in the long run.

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People of all ages need to be in the dirt. They need to be off the couch doing something productive with their bodies and brains. Playing in the dirt or working in a garden can do this for them.A family garden can really be a boost for a family. The older children/ teenagers can really reap some benefits from this. It keeps them busy and helps them to see where our food comes from. There is something about growing your own food. It enlivens all the senses. It is a wonderful experience to see food grow from a tiny seed or seedling to something wonderful and edible. Even if it is only a few vegetables or herbs in a pot, grow some food with your children, experience the health benifits together.   So what are you waiting for; get to it, plant a garden, build a sandbox, go find some dirt.

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