Friday, January 25, 2013

How do you whole grain?

We hear it over and over. Eat more whole grains.  The typical American diet is nearly void of whole grains. What little bit of whole grain goodness is put onto our food is so over processed that it could hardly count.  How does one incorporate more whole grains into the diet? If you are like most, you buy a package that says "whole grain" on a big banner on the front of the package and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing whole grains. 

I have been one of those people. I have bought the food thinking I am doing good for myself, but are you really?  I was watching a cold cereal commercial. they were talking about their cereal being so good for you. "It looks like whole grain." They showed a whole grain kernel and then compared it with their cereal flake. "see the seam" They had an oval shaped cereal flake with a food coloring seam painted on it to make it look more like a whole grain kernel. "Who are they kidding";  I thought to myself. At one point I would have believed it. I would have bought the product. I have moved on beyond that now.

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I am reading the health claims on the packages of food less and less. It is because I am buying less of it.  I am shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. I rarely go down the center isles. I am buying whole grains, good oils, vinegars,  fruits, vegetables, and good dairy products as the main parts of my diet.  The last little while I have incorporated more and more whole food goodness into our family diet. More of the food we have been eating around here are just like nature made them. We keep a fruit bowl handy for snacking. We keep the Vegetables in the line of sight.  I have started writing posts about whole grains. I have several more posts in the works. I am learning how fulfilling a meal of whole grains, fruits and veg can be.

There are some real challenges in whole food eating in this country. Sometimes you feel like a fish swimming upstream. Obtaining whole food is one of the first challenges. I am very lucky because I have a great grocery store close by that has great deals on produce. My favorite produce manager is in that store. They have started carrying bulk food items in the bins. I can buy the whole grain items on my list along with the fruits and veg to go with it. They also will special order things if you request it. How about you? Can you get whole grains and whole fruits and vegetables? Will your store special order items for you?  There are some great Internet resources for obtaining good whole  foods. I will link some at the bottom of the post.

Once you obtain good food then you have the challenge of preparing it. It has been a real learning curve for me as I have been learning and discovering new foods and flavors. I have several cookbooks that I have on hand that I use. One of my favorites is a two in one that I picked up about ten years ago and I am just now really using it. "Greene on greens and grains" by Bob Greene;  it is a wonderful guide going into details about choosing whole foods and how to prepare them. It is a great resource.

I can't believe it had taken me this long to really get going again. I started about eight  or nine years ago. I was single then, and I could gag down any whole grain thing I managed to cook. I then met my dear husband. I wanted to show him my love by cooking all the things that I knew tasted good. I did not want to run him away with my strange new whole grain eating.  We were soon married and it has been good with him by my side.But all my so called  "good" cooking has made us fat. I have been loving my family to death. I don't want to be another statistic. I know we need to make the changes, so we are working on finding recipes for whole grain foods that taste good that we can incorporate into our family life. It has been fun and sometimes a bit hard to do. We are making a move to better health one dish at a time.

Although it seems like alot at first. It can be done. There are many resources out there to help you in your quest for whole food I have included links to a few below.

whole grain posts in this blog

bountiful baskets   A produce co-op. This is available in many of the Western states.You can also sign up to host a co-op location near you. I have used this service before and It was well worth it. You get about $40 of produce for $15

azure standard  I have not personally used them, but I hear great reviews from others about this company. They will deliver whole grains to your door.

Dr Weil cooking with whole grains  A great resource for whole grain cooking

mother earth news whole grain guide  A great resource page

whole grain gourmet the name says it all

Chef Brad  I have been watching his cooking show "Fusion grain cooking"  It is a great place for beginners.



  1. My spouse eats a bowl of oatmeal every morning, and I make soaked oat muffins for the kids many times a week, so we go through a LOT of oatmeal! I usually buy it at Costco, because it costs less than at the grocery store and lasts much longer.
    Thanks for the whole grain links!

  2. Thanks for sharing your informative post at A Humble Bumble! :)

  3. We're trying to incorporate them more into our diet as well. Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Greens!