Friday, July 27, 2012

save by cutting your own meat

Quite often my Smith's store will get whole pork loins on sale. I usually buy a few, and cut them up into usable portions and freeze them for later use. I can usually save over half by buying it whole and cutting it up myself.

Once you get the pork loin out of the board, cut it into peices that are useful for you and your family. I ended up cutting this porkloin into pork chops and a small roast.

All you have to do is take a sharp knife and carefully slice it. Sometimes I partially freeze the meat (about 1/2 hour) to make it easier to slice.

Once cut, wrap and freeze for later use. My whole family loves pork chops on the grill. The kids will request them quite often.

 Here is the link to our recipe for easy grilled pork chops .  

Try your hand at it. Pork loin is one of the easiest cuts to do. There are no bones etc. All you have to do is slice it like a loaf of bread. The savings are incredible. Around these parts, on a good day you will pay $3.79 a pound for pork loin chops. I bought these last porkloins for $1.79 a pound That is some real savings.  


  1. Oh, please share your favorite recipe for those of us who are not so great at cooking...

  2. I think that the link to the pork chop recipe is fixed now!

  3. I put this on the menu for next week where I cook the pork loin on Sunday and cut off a few pork chops first to have on Tuesday. I wish I thought of it before I froze the pork loins that I bought :) I am out of all other food except pork so I am trying to get super creative so it doesn't feel like we are eating the same thing all the time. I am going to have to look at the recipe :) THANKS!

  4. This is an excellent idea! In fact I've been doing this myself lately. We've been able to get pork loin roasts for about $1.99 lb.
    I love to use the pork roasts,(like you I cut them into smaller roasts) in the crock pot with taco seasonings...we pull it with forks and make tacos out of it! They are so yummie!

    via Homestead Revival, Pat

  5. Thanks! I was just getting ready to do this today but didn't have a clue really what to do. Now I know!

  6. Good tip! We often do this since boneless pork is an easy meal for us to make, and the kids usually like it.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Thrifty Thursday at Momma and the boys living on a budget I try to do this as well! it saves a lot of money with meat

  8. You are so right, it is cheaper to cut larger pieces of meat into what you need, whole chicken is another example. Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)