Sunday, May 20, 2012

Becoming like Mary

This morning I am reminded of Martha and Mary from the Bible.   (Luke chaper 10 verse 38-42)

Martha has been caught up in the fast lane. She is rushing about doing good things. Preparing for Jesus to visit. When he comes, she is still rushing about trying to make sure his visit is perfect. She gets upset because her sister Mary is not helping her. Mary on the other hand, knew the importance of the things that Jesus was teaching. They are taught a bit at a time. We need to come back often and learn from him. But more than that, Mary knew the importance of sharing our time with others. So often our family and freinds want real time with us. Just being present is not enough. There is a real connection when we spend quality time with others. It shows care and love.

So many of the important things in life takes place in quiet moments, and so often we are too distracted to notice. I have a family whom the main love language spoken is togetherness, and/or touch. It is vitally important for me to spend time with them and to be present with them and connect to them. But not just that, our friends and neighbors need us to say hello. We are part of a neighborhood and comminity. I want my children to know that. As a family, we were able to serve by helping to clean our church house yesterday. It was a good experience.  My little three year old needed help so she turns to me and said "Let's do teamwork." She knows that teamwork works. It made me happy that she is learning the lessons that I am trying to teach.

By Slowing down a pace I have been able to love my family in a real way.  I am able to take advantage of those teaching moments that will be so vital for my children. These things cannot be learned any other way. Do not let those moments get away from you.     


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