Friday, February 7, 2014

Free e-book "If you have a craving, I have a cure"

I just downloaded a new book to my kindle that looks like it might be right in line with what we do here at life less hurried. A book entitled "If you have a craving, I have a cure" By Sheri Rose Shepherd.  

Just from the contents page alone I can tell I may enjoy it.  If you are craving more energy, rest, relaxation, time with the family, fun, adventure, spice in your life etc. Each of these items have a chapter dedicated to it. It sound like encouraging reading.  So give my friend at Cha-ching on a shoestring some blogging love for finding this deal. (I have downloaded a bunch of free kindle books thanks to her finding skills)  Click on the link below to go to her page and see the details. 

Free E-book

Thanks Kaley for finding great book deals.

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