Friday, October 11, 2013

Herbs and spices for good health

This is something that has been on my brain lately. Herbs and spices for healing. God created us and created our bodies to heal themselves given the right tools. Herbs and spices have been used for years in cooking, and in health, yet spices and herbs are something that has been forgotten in our modern world. Our food system has become full of "natural and artificial flavorings" Pick up about any package in the grocery store and you will see. We have forgotten the art of  real flavor and substituted it with junk. Food companies spend billions of dollars to create food that you will crave. This usually includes loads of sugar and salt. Our modern society has come to crave a salt sugar balance. We also have become accustomed flavor enhancers like MSG. Our bodies are numb to real flavors. It is time to change this.

We like to have fun and experiment. The body and brain wakes up to the smells and flavors of herbs and spices. My kids (especially my middle one) come and smell whatever I am cooking.  As a family we are learning to love some of the great herbs and spices.

I have included some links below with some great info about benefits of herbs and spices.
I hope you will take time to look and to experiment with these things in your world. Grow a little window garden of herbs.  Make your spice cupboard/drawer your favorite place in the kitchen.
Cook well and live well.

Helpful links

which spices should I use?