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taming the sugar beast part 2

In case you missed it last week
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How did you do last week? For some, adding fruit has nearly stopped the sugar cravings, but for others it has only dulled the roar. Is it a real sugar addiction? There is evidence that for some, sugar can turn on the brain just like a person who is addicted to heroine or other drugs. It can be a real struggle to break the sugar habit for those who have this condition. There are some links below that can help you decide if it is a real sugar addiction. For most people it is just training. We have been well trained  to eat sweets, all we need to do is break those cycles and re-train ourselves.

Did you Journal last week? If you didn't, it is not to late to start. Journaling is very important to this process. It can give you valuable insight as to patterns in your eating behavior. Once you have identified some problem areas, you can work on changing them.

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1. Look for patterns. Maybe you crave sweets at a specific time of day. Perhaps there are things that trigger your need for sugar. Finding patterns and changing them is crucial. Let me give you some examples from my own life. For me I still sruggle at Mom's house, it is really easy to sit about and crave sugar while with the family. That is what we do when we get together, and usually the sweeter the better. I have found that if I bring a good snack, I am less likely to indulge when I go there. I can still snack, but do it in a healthy manner. Sunday afternoons have been a hard one for both hubby and I. Both of our families had the habit of making a sweet treats Sunday evenings. We got married and carried on the tradition becuase it was part of what we do. We had to choose to do differently. We choose to do it only occasionally. It has become a real treat when we do. Once you identify some things, you can work to change them. For me, If  I eat a lousy breakfast I get hungry an hour later. This brings me to point two.

2. Breakfast, including a protein. Breakfast starts you body. Too much sugar for breakfast gets it overstimulated and you go into overdrive, then crash later on. Protein digests much slower keeping you fuller longer. Slow carbs (whole grains) also digest slower and can help avoid cravings later in the day. There are two links below with good information and suggestions for how to accomplish this.

3. Clean house. Get into those drawers and cupboards, clean out under the bed, the closet, all of it. Yes, all of it, even that hidden secret spot. Come on be honest with yourself. Get it all out in the open! Now gather it all up. Get all that junk food together in one place.  Do not throw it away! Keep it, put it in a spot dedicated  for junk food. No more junk food hidden all over the house. I once heard advice for a Mother with a chocolate addicted daughter. She was given the advice to fill a cupboard full to the top with chocolate, then tell the daughter "It is all for you, you can have all the chocolate you want, It will always be there for you." Next, she was supposed to trust her daughter and watch. She just about had a heart attack. She had spent her life telling her daughter to limit chocolate, and now telling her to eat all she wants, she couldn't belive her ears. She just knew that her child would eat all the chocolate in one sitting. She was fearing the worst, and just the opposite happened. The chocolate cravings went away. The daughter knew that she could have it, that it would always be there. She slowed down her chocolate craving by allowing herself to have it. No longer feeling deprived, she was able to show self discipline.

4. Allow yourself a treat and enjoy it slowly!  Sniff it, taste it, savor it, let your senses tell you about it. There are foods that I thought I really enjoyed. I slowed down and really tasted them, To my surprise, I found out that I really did not enjoy them as much as I thought I once did.

There is something about it when we slow down and enjoy the process of eating food. There are days when I slurp down my meals on the go. Quite often on these days my brain tells me that I am still hungry. It is a different story when I slow down, sit down, and enjoy a meal or snack on a conscious level. My brain resets. It says, "I have eaten today".  Mindless eating can be a real dealbreaker. Eat with a purpose to fuel your body.


Next week: more ideas and suggestions on how to create new and lasting habits.

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  1. Thanks for your gracious comment on my blog! I love your recommendations here - #2-4 have really helped me a lot, but I never even thought of #1.

  2. Great information! Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  3. Great tips. That sugar beast can be so hard at times, but it really does get better. :)

    I'd love it if you'd share this on my healthy living link-up:

  4. Some great advice! I have adopted children and one had a real issue with food and our therapist told him to get a fanny pack and put snacks in it so he would always have food available and know that he wouldn't run out. I love your idea of a designated place for all sugar! Visiting from Leaving a Legacy.
    Marty @ Marty's Musings

  5. This is great advice too! I crave sugar when I am stressed... and also at moms! But eating some just makes me crave more and more... it doesn't really help me! Now that I see this so clearly I think i am ready to (try to) cut it out. And I agree, alowing oneself an occasional treat is a great idea.

    Mindful eating.... so important! I typically scarf my food in a hurry! Trying hard to listen to my body!


  6. Great ideas and advice here! Thanks for sharing and linking up this week at Simply Helping Him! Blessings!

  7. Great post (and series). I love that you encourage others to start slowly and then come back with encouragement and support.