Thursday, October 18, 2012

slow down and savor life


                                 Slow down and savor your food and life

My kids favorite buddies "hanging out"
This is what we should all be doing more often "hanging out" together with our family
 As I am on a journey of weight loss and good health.  One tip I have learned is to Slow down and enjoy life. We live in such a hurried world, running all about in a microwave "grab and go" society.  My father as a boy scout leader made an interesting observation.  The boys had gone out for a campout.  They had each brought a tin foil dinner to cook in the fire.  My father noticed that some of the boys were very impatient while waiting for the dinners to cook. He related to me that he sensed that these boys were the ones that lived in a home where the microwave was a main source of food.  He said it was about two minutes and they were ready to eat. This was about 10 -12 years ago.  I wonder what he would find nowdays. Do we ourselves exist where the microwave provides a majority of our food at home?  Is takeout food our best freind?  I am slowing down and cooking not only on weekends, but all the time. My body has been happier these last few weeks as I have made a move to pay attention to it. When we slow down our eating the body has time to respond to the food we are putting in. We are healthier today because I chose to slow down and pay attention. I want my family and I to be healthy in body and mind. I am creating my world according to those things. Family time together at meals is something that I am begining to value. It is becoming a great part of life.

I grew up in a family that was on the go alot, my husband was different.  Both of our families value time together, but how we do that is different. We were always going and doing and on the move.  There were always games to play and places to see. My husbands family spends alot of time just sitting and chatting. My husband values time together just sitting a while and watching the sunset etc. He is content to just sit a while. While I am sitting there I have a whole list of things going on in my brain. I think that as a woman I have to multitask. I get so distracted, Sometimes I forget to stop and take stock of what is really important. My husband is very important and he needs me to slow down and pay attention to him. My Children need me there with them. I am making them priority in my life. I am showing them by the things that I do. As Dr Phil says "You gotta get plugged into your family" My challenge to you SLOW DOWN, MAKE TIME FOR THE IMPORTANT THINGS.


  1. I agree, it is so important to slow down. Thank you for sharing with Simple Meals Friday! I hope you join us again this week!

  2. This is so important! Thank you for sharing and linking up! Blessings!

  3. Slowing down is so important - and so hard to do sometimes.