Monday, September 10, 2012

What happens when junk food enters back in.

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We have been steadily increasing our good food habits and slowing down on the junk food. It is making a real difference. I really noticed a difference in the kids yesterday when we did not eat any real food. It was my middle child's birthday. Along with tradition I let her choose the meals on her "special day". 

We broke from real food for the day. We ate meals that the birthday girl requested. We had cinnamon rolls and tang for breakfast. We did make them 1/2 whole wheat (I will include a link for the rolls below). She wanted french fries and toast for lunch. We opted to have chicken nuggets and fries. We made the fries, but had processed nuggets. I made fish for my husband and I instead of chicken.  While I had a nice batter made, I decided to make chile rellenos. Yummy battered deep fried green chile stuffed with cheese. Of course cake and ice cream for dinner, Not to mention a full size candybar for each of the kids.  (They got a candy bar for participating in the childrens program at church. They did such a great job and I was so proud of them.)  I was so full I did not eat dinner, but fixed cheese quesadillas for the children. as a side note we did include applesauce.  A year ago this might have been a typical kind of day, but no more. 

the effects still continue this morning.

Getting the children to settle down for evening was a real chore. They were so wound up, yet so tired.. The littlest one just whined and cried. I did not sleep very well, and I feel terrible. I notice the effects on me as well as the kids.  Everyone this morning has been sluggish and tired. Everyone has been really iritable. We have had alot of fighting and bickering this morning. I see that the effects are wearing off slowly, I hope by this afternoon we will be a bit back to normal. It will be interesting to see what happens next. We will be sure to talk with the kids about the effects that yesterday's choices had on us.

This morning, a couple of comments on facebook caught my eye. One person was struggling with "I will not secumb to cookies", yet another had some things to say about the blankety blank vegan diet she was on. One person posted a picture with a saying about the importance of feeding our kids real food instead of processed foods. Her comment about the picture intrigued me. She said "so hard, but so much better for us!" 

In the beginning, it was hard to make changes to our diet. We are still a work in progress. It will be interesting to see what choices the kids will make for their birthday meals a year from now. My sister has started eating real food, She is looking to buy some things for Christmas. She asked which was the best choice for a first purchase, a wheat grinder, an electric pressure cooker, or a stand mixer. She has borrowed Mom's grinder, but which other appliance does she want for the holidays? Then she posed the question "Will we still be eating this way long enough to justify these purchases?" I hope that she will make it a way of life. As for me, after this weekend I can see the effects are worth my efforts. We will continue this process as a way of life.

cinnamon roll recipe


  1. I hear that. Oi.
    Over on the Mommypotamus blog, her hubbs made a great entry about how quitting processed foods is chemically similar in your body to quitting heroin and I think meth all at once.
    Up with Real Food!

  2. It really is noticeable when you remove processed foods and then eat something like that -- surprising how long the effects lasts too. Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)