Thursday, September 27, 2012

Park Hopping

It was such a beautiful fall day, I just couldn't resist taking my girls to the park! It was so nice for them and me also. This time of year is a perfect time to take a break and enjoy a park hopping experience.

What is park hopping? Park hopping is the perfect way to spend a nice warm day jumping from one park or playground to the next. We live in an area where there are dozens of parks and playgrounds within a ten mile radius. We have two within easy walking distance from our home.

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                           Park hopping in 3 easy steps

Step one: Gather your gear, appropriate clothing and shoes for the children, sunscreen, a good book etc.

Step two:  Pack a lunch

Step three: Find some parks or playgrounds. Play for a while and then find another, Enjoy as many as time an energy allows.

We had a great time today. My nearly four year old decided that she could swing high up to the sky when she pumps her legs back and forth. She was so proud of herself. That alone made our day.


  1. My son likes to explore the parks and I try to do a different one everyday and not go back to the same one too often but I think that he would revolt if we tried to leave the one park because he thinks that it is the end of the fun. It is great that you guys are able to do it and that you have some many without having to get into a car :) Enjoy the great weather!! I wish that we had the beautiful leaves but ours are still green :(

  2. Such a fun thing to do! We have a few we could hit in one day.

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  3. Great cute idea! When my boys were little there were 3 that we would hit on a regular basis.

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  4. We do this, too! I'll admit that we stop by a local place and grab chili dogs on our way, though.

  5. I loved playing in the park when my kids wee younger! Now they're not interested unless something cool is going on like a concert or hot air balloon lift off! I am visiting from Loving Our Journey! It's nice to meet you and your family! I am #9 on the list!

  6. What a fun idea- to make a day of it. Sort of reminds me of bar-hopping back in college, but in a much better way! We will have to try this! Popping by from "TGIF"...come say hi over at week I'm linking up some cutesy bee wrapping paper. Love the blog- thanks for sharing!!

  7. My kids love this and it is free! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

  8. what a great idea!!!!!!! thank you! and thanks for link up at FPF!