Thursday, September 6, 2012

our continuing adventures with the natural yeast

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We are continuing on our adventures with healthier eating. It is a challenge as the kids are back to school to pack a healthier lunch for them. Sandwiches are a favorite because they are easy and portable. Having a good bread is a real blessing to us.

The natural yeast is starting to work well for us. We are making bread every couple of days. The loaves are turning out alot lighter and tasty. We are getting the hang of waffles and pancakes too. On Sunday we had blueberry pancakes made from the yeast with strawberries and whip cream. It was such a delightful meal.

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I did not know how much of a difference it was making until my husband went to the store to buy a sandwich. He looked about, and finally settled a roast beef sandwich on a whole grain bread. He said that the bread was just "nasty" he was not impressed. The flavors of the natural yeast are so much better than the commercial stuff.

I recently read an article about the amount of salt in comercially prepared bread. It is a bit shocking, but not totally surprising to me. I have found that when food is devoid of nutrient rich flavor, salt and sugar added to make it taste better. Bread made with white flour "needs" more salt  than wheat bread to boost the flavor. I have found that I need less salt and sugar when baking with the natural yeast.

I have included a link to that article below

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I have recently been reading about whole grains and preparing them. I have been learning the art of cooking and soaking grains. That is part of the reason that the natural yeast is so good for us. It breaks down the grains to be more usable by our bodies. There are several articles and blogs out there that explain the art of soaking grains so much better than I can .The links are below

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I hope that you will find this information useful as I have.