Friday, August 31, 2012

Freezing limes and ginger root

Who knew? you can freeze citrus fruits! I did not know this until I bought a bunch of limes. I got such a great deal, I got a little carried away. We used a bunch but there are still some left.

There are two different methods for freezing citrus fruits. Freeze them whole, or freeze the juice and rind.

The rind can be taken from the fruit and frozen in an a freezer bag.
The juice can be squeezed and poured into ice cube trays, frozen, then placed in freezer bags. It is recommended to measure the juice into 1 Tablespoon cubes for ease of use later on.

I chose to freeze the limes whole. Just pop them into a  ziptop style freezer bag and into the freezer they go. When you are ready to use them thaw a bit under running water, or thaw in the microwave for a few seconds on high.

As a side note:  The freezer changes the texture of the fruit, once frozen, it is only good for juicing or grating the rind. You can freeze lemons, limes, and oranges; then you will  have the juice or rind for your favorite dishes.

Ginger root, It is fabulous. Great in the winter for making tea when you are sick. When you are cooking asian dishes, it tastes so much better than the dried stuff. There is no comparison. I keep ginger in the freezer for just such uses.

Peel the root, the place in a resealable freezer bag. Keep in the freezer for up to a year.
When I need some grated ginger root, I pull it out of the freezer and grate off what I need. I make sure to put it right back in the freezer. Now you will always have "fresh" ginger when needed.

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  1. Wait, you can freeze them? Hot dog! Thank you, Thank you! I have some (a few in the fridge) that need to be used up and this will prolong them.

    Thank you for coming by and linking this up at the Carnival of Home Preserving!

  2. When my girls are done with peeling their oranges I have them pop the rinds into the bag in the freezer. Then when I'm ready to make my vinegar cleaner or need some for a recipe it its ready to go.

  3. Hello Happy Momma! Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I always hate throwing away shriveled up citrus forgotten in the drawer in the fridge! Now I know what to do before that happens! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Thanks for putting this into Food on Friday;Ginger as well. A great idea to avoid waste.