Wednesday, June 13, 2012

when it rains it pours

Life has a crazy way of coming at you fast.  Everything comes at you all at once.  This last week has been like that. While doing laundry this week I noticed a puddle coming out from underneath the washer. I was hoping that it was something simple like a leaky hose. No such luck! It was more serious than that. We had been noticing a damp moldy smell coming from the laundry area lately. It has been leaking for a while. It has been slow and not enough to see or notice until two days ago.

We tore the washer apart to see what the trouble was. maybe the pump, maybe the tub seal. It could be either one or both. The replacement parts were more than the washer is worth. We decided that rather then put our money into parts and labor, we would replace it.

We have a great classified web site in our area. We looked at it and found a relatively new washer at an affordable price. We bought it and went right back to washing with only a day's delay.  I am grateful that we have got a bit of an emergency fund so that when things like this happen we do not have to go into panic mode. It is still hard when these things come along with all the other things in life.

By living a simple life, I live less in panic mode.  Simple living helps me to handle lifes ups and downs.

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