Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our new favorite books


We love reading books. We recently discovered Elepant and Piggie books while at our local library. These books by Mo Willems are fun for the kids.They are easy enough for my 6 year old to read. They are stories about an excitable elephant named Gerald and his best friend piggie. My children love silly animal books and this fits the category. 

We love the library. The kids look forward to our trips to the library (the librarians probably do not). It is fun to explore new worlds with books. I grew up with book adventures and I want my kids to have some of that same experiences.

 Make the library part of your life. It is a simple thing that can make a world of difference in the lives of our children. 


  1. We love the library too!!! It is a great place to read books and have an adventure. My three year old son is currently into Trucktown books so I would be super excited to read about anything that wasn't a car or truck :) We are going to storytime tommorrow morning and then to get more books. I am glad to know that others love their library as much as we do!!

  2. Hooray for the library and summer reading programs! We have a Mo Willems book that my daughter loves. Thanks for linking up again! Have a great week!

  3. we are weekly library people - it's great. we are so lucky to have an amazing library where the kids section is completely separate from the adult areas of the library so no one is annoyed when my kids don't get the "shhh" it's a library thing. Plus it allows them to vocalize their excitement about books, which is really the whole point! thanks for linking up with me at my Cozy Book Hop! Can't wait to hear what else you all enjoy reading!

    Marissa @