Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family traditions........ Father's day edition

My husband and I grew up with different traditions. Deciding which traditions to make and keep has been a challenge at times. There are some that are handed down, and some that we have created for ourselves. You can read about some of our traditons here. When it comes to holidays involving gifts, I hit the dollar store and let the kids have free reign. They love having so many choices, and the freedom to pick anything from the isles. With the children being so small, I have to give some guidance. My four year old just knew that Dad would love a pink princess color book for Father's day. I was gently able to guide her toward something a little more appropriate.

Wrapping gifts with young children can be a challenge. We did pretty well this year. They are getting a bit older and it is easier now. The youngest still reels off half the roll of tape while trying to get a peice.  I let my 6 year old wrap all by himself this time. He did a great job from begining to end. It was fun to see him so proud of himself when he got done. His lttle face was beaming.

The kids could hardly wait for Dad to wake up and see the "treasures" that they had so carefuly selected and wrapped. They were not the most beautifuly wrapped gifts, nor were they the gifts that Dad would choose for himself, but the kids had done it for him. They watched with great excitement as dad opened each gift.

We also continued with the tradition of  balloon animals.The kids had a great time twisting balloons.Our son made silly hats for all of us.We had a fun Father's day. The things we do may not cost much, but the memories are priceless. This is the reason we create and keep traditions in families.

What are some of your favorite  family traditions?  I would love to hear how you have created traditions in your home.

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  1. What a great post! I feel our family is always changing and creating new traditions (hence my tagline). Creating new traditions is simply a great way to grow as a family. My husband's dad passed away very young, so Father's Day is a fairly new tradition for him. The children enjoy planning his favorite meals for the day and choose a little gift.