Friday, May 25, 2012

new life for old crayons

                                        KIDS AND BROKEN CRAYONS GO TOGETHER

We recyle our old crayons into new ones. 

1. Take the old broken peices of crayons

2. Peel all remaining paper off of them

3. place pieces of broken crayon into an oven proof mold. We use a muffin tin and line it with muffin papers for easy clean up.

4. place in a slow oven about 200 degrees until melted together  (about 8 minutes or so)

5. let cool

6. unmold

A word of advice. Do not stir or mix while cooling, (it makes the colors murky). Just let it be and let the colors blend in their own wonderful way.

 You can make them all multi colored, or you can make themes. Some examples would be;  fall colors, greens and blues, spring colors, red and green for Christmas. You get the idea. Have fun with it.
My kids love the multi colors. They get excited as it changes colors while they are drawing.

              These happen to be some heart shaped crayons that were made for us on Valentines day.



  1. I found a post awhile ago to make new crayons out of old ones and they used pretzel molds with crayons. They were super huge and I don't have that many crayons. I guess I should look at the smaller molds and see if I can make some of these cute smaller crayons. Do you use a plastic mold for chocolates???

    1. Those clear Plastic molds will melt in the oven. The ones to use are the flexible silicone molds. they are ovenproof. A mini muffin tin would work rather well I would think.