Monday, August 11, 2014

How to remove chewing gum from about anything.

Chewing gum, what a sticky icky mess when it gets in places it does not belong, but never fear, there is an easy and economical way to remove chewing gum from almost anything.

Who knew, that peanut butter could unstick the gum from nearly anything

Peanut butter will remove gum from things like:

Carpet, and tile
even a bubble popped on the face and into the eyebrows can be cleaned with peanut butter

The oils in peanut butter have a way of neutralizing the sticky part of the chewing gum. It begins to dissolve the chewing gum into a soft and almost slippery mass that is then easily removed from whatever it is stuck to. 

It is really easy to do:  Just smear the peanut butter over the gum and rub it in.  Let it sit for a minute or two then work the gum and peanut butter mass loose with your fingers.  

I have used this trick on several occasions and it works perfectly.  The only trouble is getting rid of the grease stain that can be left from the peanut butter.  I have found that on carpet, clothing and other items that Dawn dish soap is a great agent for getting rid of the leftover peanut butter residue. 

I saved my favorite blouse this way and I have saved several children and parents from the frustrating thoughts of having to cut the gum from hair.  I hope that this helps.

Disclaimer:  Please use this at your own risk. The peanut butter could stain some items.  I would not use it on a dry clean only items.  


  1. Wow! Thank you so much! This is going to be so helpful! lol Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I found you on Fridays Unfolded Linky Party! Pinned!

  2. I learned this trick many years ago and it was a lifesaver with young kids. And yes, I did use it on the hair one time. Thanks for sharing with SYC.